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常溫超取499免運 宅配799免運



常溫超取499免運 宅配799免運



常溫超取499免運 宅配799免運


2024/05/15 KTH's Fried Pork Paste was selected as the 2024 Senior Friendly Food.

2024/01/15 Quantas Inc. gives back to society - responding to the Taipei Blood Donation Center’s passion for charity

2023/09/28 2023 Changhua Veterans Home x KTH Mid-Autumn Festival Combo launches, KTH donates the products to veterans on every Mid-Autumn Festival Combo set we get.

2023/08/22 Pork floss taste buds, love passed down - KTH x Changhua Veterans Home Mid-Autumn Festival Charity Cooperation Launched.

2023/05/30 The selfless dedication of volunteers are held at the "Unsung Heroes Appreciation Festival" to thank them for bringing warmth and goodwill to society.

2023/04/15 KTH & Family Run fun day to create unforgettable parent-child memories.

2023/04/13 KTH's products of premier pork floss and braised pork was selected as the 2023 Senior Friendly Food.

2023/02/24 KTH stood out from more than 400 manufacturers and passed the Taiwan-U.S. competency test.

2023/02/14 KTH invites you to roll up your sleeves and donate blood for charity.

2022/11/25 KTH was selected as the 1111 Human Bank Happy Enterprise Award for two consecutive years.

2022/10/21 The 90-year-old KTH's pork paste 3D Model Easy Card is now on sale on CVS stores, MOMO and Shopee E-commerce.

2022/08/17 KTH's 90th anniversary thank you letter.

2022/08/17 The 90-year-old KTH's pork paste 3D Model Easy Card is open for pre-order from 8/19 to 8/31.

2022/07/01 KTH's pork paste and mushroom soup with sesame oil was selected as the 2022 Senior Friendly Food.

2022/03/14 The Taiwan Pavilion of the 2022 Tokyo Food Show breaks through the epidemic, and 35 Taiwanese manufacturers jointly participate in the exhibition of 2022 Tokyo Food Show.

2022/01/19 KTH generously sponsored NT$300,000 to the charity group which helps the homeless people. A famous local celebrity, Lin Meixiu presented the event and wished the homeless people a happy new year.

2022/01/12 Member system update announcement.

2022/01/10 KTH invites you to roll up your sleeves and donate blood.

2021/11/15 KTH was selected as the 2021 Happy Enterprise Gold Award from 1111 Human Resource Bank.

2021/10/20 The online shopping event of Huajia Leshi·Pork Party is officially launched!

2021/08/27 Statement of pork material source

2021/05/20 KTH's sugar-free salt-free pork floss was selected as the 2021 Senior Friendly Food.

2020/10/17 KTH's Employee Family Day 2020

2020/09/15 Letter of declaration about the incident of Team Power Healthcare Ltd.

2020/09/08 KTH won the "Outstanding Enterprise" at the 20th Golden Peak Awards

2020/09/08 Product Statement.

2020/07/21 KTH is certificated and approved to export pork canned foods to Singapore.

2020/05/11 KTH pork floss was selected as the 2020 Senior Friendly Food.

2019/07/19 KTH was awarded the "Outstanding Business Person" of the Ministry of Finance in 2018.

2018/11/02 2018 72nd Businessman’s Day and Golden Business Awards Ceremony.

2018/10/25 Awarded the honor of Excellent aged store, praised by President and Premier of Taiwan.

2018/01/01 New official website is launched.